The Churches of St Margaret's Benefice-Welcome!-The Churches of St Margaret's Benefice

The Churches of St Margaret's Benefice-Welcome!-The Churches of St Margaret's Benefice

Welcome to our little corner of England!

We are here to reach out to,
serve, connect and support everybody in the villages and hamlets surrounding
St Margaret's.  We strive to be a welcoming and friendly Benefice and look forward to meeting you on your faith journey.

Looking out...

St Margaret's Church will be hosting an exhibition - as part of this year's Advent Justice Appeal, we are delighted to be hosting an exhibition by Secours Catholique of artwork created by refugees at Calais.  It will run from the 2nd to 7th December, from 10am to 4pm each day.  The exhibition will showcase for the first time in the UK, 20 genuine artworks created by young people in Calais.  To mark the opening of the exhibition, a special service will be held on  Sunday the 2nd of December at 10 am St. Margaretís church.  During the service, Revered Diane Fawcett will host a panel discussion from 10:15am to 10:45am, with Hisham Ali- Manager at Secour Catholique Day Centre in Calais- and Domenica Pecoraro- Diocesan Kent Refugee Project Officer. The congregation will have an opportunity to ask questions about life in Northern France for exile and locals. The event aims at igniting a reflection on this yearís Advent Justice Appeal theme- A place to call Home- in partnership with Christian Aid.
Please spread the word - we would love to see you all there.

Along with many from our Benefice who had visited Israel last year, our Churchwarden Norman attended the talk by Hamed Qwawasmeh, from Hebron, at St Paul's Canterbury last Thursday evening.  Here are his thoughts:
"Hamed is part of the Hebron International Resources Network who aim to help and fill the gap which the major charities cannot do, (often due to their mandate restriction) working mainly with smaller isolated communities in Palestine.  I don't believe any of us were surprised to learn that the tensions between the Israeli army and those communities is still fragile, but to hear first-hand the issues faced by these people in the 21st century is still shocking.  We were told how a community sought to have electricity supplied by solar panels.  The construction took place and the panels installed, only for the Israeli army to arrive and seize all of the panels, only returning them some months later when ordered to do so by the court.  A similar fate happened when a school was erected, with the Israeli army dismantling it the night before it was due to open.  I believe that we had hoped and prayed following our trip that matters would improve.  It seems we have a lot more praying to do..."

Stewardship - it's a word we think we understand the definition of, but it is actually more complex than it first appears.  "It's just looking after something, isn't it?"  Well, yes it is, but what does that encompass?  There is the concept of ownership - just whose is it, that we are looking after?  Owners have rights, stewards have responsibilities.  There is accountability - who are we being stewards for?  It is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted into one's care.  It is the foundation of what our church PCC's (Parochial Church councils) do, to strive to sustain and build our church communities.  We are approaching a period of change, reflection and renewal, and how we can best utilise and grow our resources, both personnel and financial, is going to be much discussed.  Please consider ways that you may be able to enhance your support of our local churches, as we can all take on the role of steward in some form or other.  

Kent Refugee Action Network, based in Canterbury, supports young refugees and asylum seekers - we were delighted that Fawzia Nabi Worsley, one of their Youth Support & Outreach Workers, came to talk to us last Sunday (9th September).  Telling us all about the work of KRAN, who they serve and how, was enlightening, and demonstrated just how important non-governmentl organisations are in providing essential services to people in desperate need.  Compassion and common sense combine to provide young vulnerable people with the life-skills and support they need to make new lives for themselves.  Find out more about the work they do by clicking here. 
Samphire are a National Lottery funded charity that support ex-detainees - they are currently looking for volunteers to help in their Ex-Detainee Project conducting telephone surveys with their service users.  For more information, click here.

Next Services...
For a full list of the current month's services, click here.
Sunday 18th November
St Margaret's8.00amCommunion BCP
West Langdon9.30amA special service for WW1 centenary
St Margaret's10.00amCommunion CW
Sunday 25th November
St Margaret's8.00amCommunion BCP
East Langdon9.30amCommunion CW
St Margaret's10.00amCommunion CW

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  St Peter @ Westcliffe
  St Augustine @ East Langdon
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  • Looking forward to the Christmas Tree & Nativity Crib Festival at the end of November - can't wait to get those sheep gathered together for our Saturday Service tree!
  • If you would like to make a donation to Canterbury Welcomes Refugees, you can clickhere to find their donation web page.
  • Dover Outreach Centreare looking  for a Winter Night Shelter Co-Ordinator and a Winter Night Shelter Assisstant to work alongside.  These are temporary contracts starting on 1st November for 5 months.  For more information email  They are currently in the process of having a new website developed, so please bare with them!
  • If you want to find out more about becoming a volunteer for Migrant Help, go to our Crisis Response page to find out more.
  • Find out about how to help sponsor a refugee family by clicking here.
  • Looking for a good source of information and support for a teenage girl in you family?  Then I would highly recommend you go to - a great resource created by Charlotte Ford and Sam Stanley of this parish, full of honest advice and information.  It wouldn't hurt if a few boys read it as well...
  • Kent Dementia Action Alliance have a 24hour helpline - 0800 500 3014.  You can find more information on the Crisis Response page.